Aldiva has top of the line biscuits with years of experience.

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Aldiva has top of the line cakes with years of experience.

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Chocolate Coated

Aldiva has the best tasting chocolate coated products with years of knowledge all around the world.

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Perfect mix of crunchy biscuit and tasty Aldiva cream.

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Salty and crunchy Aldiva crackers will satisfy your hunger.

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Cream Chocolate

Most delicious part of every breakfast.

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Customer Service

We believe a happy customer is our best brand advocate.

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From biscuit to chocolate,
your sweetest moments

Aldiva’s affordable snacks will sweeten your life with nearly 250 brand­new flavors, including; biscuits,cakes, crackers, chocolate­ covered bars, chocolates, wafers and chocolate creams.

Our purpose

… is to be the leader of snack food category by the production capability that owns high technology; dynamic structure which enables us to adapt to market demands and respond to consumer requirements in both domestic and foreign markets; the cost advantageous model and with the large scale product portfolio with branded and private label products.

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